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Hotel owners, new construction developers, management companies, purchasing companies, designers and realtors have come to depend on KJ Moves You to handle everything from staging new construction model homes, hotels under renovation, new hotels and resort installations to smaller scale renovations. Whether you are opening a new hotel or renovating an existing landmark, senior care center, college, or selling a new home, we have the experience, resources and trained crews to meet time-sensitive deadlines consistently and cost effectively anywhere in Colorado.

KJ Moves You Single Source Solution

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KJ Moves You manages and performs all service facets required in the renovation of a new construction for developers, hotel chains and designers alike . From the time items are manufactured, freight shipments, we can manage every phase of the process. One call to KJ Moves You and we handle it all.



  • Relocation Specialist Teams
  • Warehouse foreman
  • Inventory Control
  • Freight Management
  • Project Management
  • Installation Services
  • Warehousing
  • Staging
  • Inspection
  • Damage Claims

Inventory Control


We recognize the critical need to maintain inventory control and have implemented a program designed to maintain incoming and outgoing inventory on a wide scale. We communicate with all of the manufacturers, transportation providers, our own crew staff, and our clients throughout the process.


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Our warehousing  includes a climate-controlled facility, restricted access, video surveillance, fire protection systems, building was constructed in fire resistant materials and other specialty requirements.

Project Management

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KJ Moves You on-site Project Manager has the skill and experience to work with outside vendors, schedule site deliveries, and coordinate with construction contractors, housekeeping and other hotel staff.  Always available, our dedicated Project Manager will keep in close communication while helping to manage your       supplies and equipment so you don’t have to.

Installation and Assembly Services

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Our professional technicians are experts prepared to correctly install furniture, fixtures, stage furniture and equipment the first time.  Our specially trained staff-never day labor – has performed thousands of installations; you will consistently receive the benefit of our skilled professional techs who have worked with professional throughout various industries to meet each and every need. Why choose any other service provider when we have all the resources under one warehouse roof.







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