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Relocating Out of State

We have been moving families, offices and business professionals across state lines for many years. We have the knowledge, skill set, long distance training and we are fully compliant and regulated by the federal motor carrier. When it comes to long distance moving we are the go to experts to execute a flawless and effortless relocation to get you in your new home/office as quickly and easy as possible. Our technology and systems for long distance travel makes getting to/from seamless, we pride ourselves on being #1 when moving out of state. We are the experts and our reputation speaks for itself.

We Know Our Moves

Our long distance movers have years of training and we have the appropriate equipment for these types of moves. We are fully compliant and educated with the laws for moving out of state and we are fully covered in all states to provide a complete relocation. You have the experts on your side and we provide nothing, but perfection when relocating out of state clients.

When choosing a moving company to relocate your entire home out of state it can easily become overwhelming. Who do you trust? Who can handle such a move? Will your belongings arrive on schedule? All of these questions and more will be completely and thoroughly answered during the in home estimate.

Our experienced long distance relocation specialist will meet with you several weeks prior to your move to go over the logistics and planning details of your relocation. At that time we answer all of your questions and give you details of your move and the time it will take to relocate you to your new state. We have years of experience relocating out of state and our experts take the proper care and considerations when planning such an intense and complex move.

We Do Not Contract Our Moves Out

There are moving companies out there that will not tell you they will be contracting your move out. Sure the company sends out their local crew to load your belongings, but what they don’t tell you is they hired a broker to transport your items. You don’t even know if they have other homes loaded on their truck with multiple stops and you don’t know who will be touching your items during those added agenda stops. Who will be there to unload your items you ask? Contracted works most likely.

Not when you hire KJ Moves You. We will have the same smiling crew to load your items onto one of our trucks, we handle the transportation from start to finish (no hand off’s) and we have the same movers with the same smiles at the unload. Completely assembling your new house in your new location. We are the preferred nationwide movers and pride ourselves on always delivering outstanding services no matter what state you move to.