Open Kitchen And Drawing Room


Additional Services:

  •  Experienced mover liaison
  •  Packing & Unpacking services
  •  KJ carpenter
  •  Furniture Repair & furniture detective
  •  KJ’s welder
  •  Heavy Item Handling
  •  Maintenance Man
  •  Professional Painter
  •  Window Cleaner


Moving Liaison

You will be provided with an experienced and knowledgeable KJ Moves You liaison who will assist you throughout your entire move process. He/she will be there to provide any extra support you may require and can even help to oversee your move in your absence, if required.

Packing & Unpacking Services

Our skilled packing team will arrive prior to the big move day to begin the packing process. Our talented crew will properly pad, secure and wrap all of your items leaving no room for error. We can supply moving material such as boxes, paper, bubble wrap and/or special boxes in order to get the pack complete. The same team will then unpack all of your belongings for you upon arrival, as well as, carefully replacing everything where it belongs.

Heavy Item Handling

Whether you have a piano that needs to be moved or a tool box we have the right equipment to handle the job and our truck is equipped with a lift gate for an easy load/unload process.


Our carpenter will build special crates needed for special furniture and art work as required. We will also handle all assembly and reassembly of furnishings or items as well.

Furniture Repair

We pride ourselves on delivery flawless outstanding services, though on occasion things do happen. In the event something should happen we provide a highly experienced furniture repair man who will fix our mistake to perfection. This of course is something we provide free of charge. He has such an extensive background in furniture repair he is also a qualified furniture detective, and just like a forensic investigator, he is trained in investigating and determining the time frame as to when the damage occurred. Of course if you are not happy with the repair outcome we are covered at 1 million dollars per occurrence.

Welding Services

Offering more to our services than any other provider in the industry. We offer welding services and have an experienced welder that works directly with our company to create clasps for our crates, forklift modifications, tools and we offer these same services to our clients. Welding is a fabrication or sculptural process that joins materials, usually metals or thermoplastics, by causing coalescence.

We Don't Stop Moving

Taking it a step further

We are your one stop shop and can accommodate a wide variety of moving, storage, and maintenance requests. Please click the link below to learn more about our home and commercial repair services.

Maintenance Needs
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